Local Internet Marketing

Local businesses. Get your phone ringing.

So, Mouse & Man, I see that you do good work but I’m just interested in coming up for searches in my regional market.

Well.. you’ve come to the right page.

We specialize in showcasing your website up for searches in local and regional markets. Whether it be search engine marketing or geotargeted adwords management (or a combination of the two), we stand ready to help. The ranking factors for local search are similar to those are regular search but there are small differences that can make a huge impact to local companies and their website traffic.

Google is even now showing local searches for commonly searched phrases even if you don’t type in a location. Google knows where you physically are located based on your IP Address (of at least it thinks it does) and will show the results from the Google Local Business Center.

Thus even more important to have your local SEO in order because people are out there now now searching for your company. Will they find you? If you aren’t sure and want to talk with a local SEO expert, call Mouse & Man at 704-968-1775.

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