Keyword Research


Keyword research is a examination of a list of your industry-related terms using the popular tools from Google and Overture, WordTracker or other keyword tools. Keyword selection is the most important facet of any successful online marketing campaign. Selecting and competing the wrong set can sometimes be an uncorrectable mistake. We make sure to spend significant resources during this phase of your campaign. We have perfected our keyword research and selection process to select keywords that are most closely related with your target audience, will meet your search marketing objectives, and have the correct combination of high search volume and low competition.

Our Keyword Research Process

  • Discovery – Mouse and Man will gather information about your site and its current placement to ensure we completely understand your company, web site, the products and services you offer, your competition and your target audience. Sometimes this includes interviewing your current clients.
  • Keyword Research – With the knowledge gained from the discovery phase we are able to identify your most sought-after services/products. Knowing your differentiators and your competition gives us the ability to begin generating our starting list of related terms and phrases.
  • Traffic & Data Analysis – Taking the information gathered from your site’s performance with our starting list of key phrases, we analyze for top traffic, conversion and ranking and make adjustments on the targeted phrases to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Keyword Recommendations – Upon the completion of our keyword research process, we are able to present you with a list of recommended words and phrases (as well as our rationale for each) to target during your search marketing campaign.

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