5 April 2013
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You ARE a Publisher – Start Acting Like One

5 April 2013, Comments: 0

One thing that many business people do not realize is that if you are on the internet today, you are a publisher. Once you […]

2 April 2013
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New Online Marketing Builds Business Assets

2 April 2013, Comments: 0

Online marketing has flipped the mentality on how businesses are able to effectively reach their target audiences. Now they can own where their marketing […]

28 March 2013
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Online Reputation Management Tools Reviewed

28 March 2013, Comments: 0

It’s been a long time since your business reputation hinged on media reports, industry trades or negligible conversations held over cocktails. The advent of […]

25 March 2013
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2013 Internet Marketing Trends. Are They Just Hype?

25 March 2013, Comments: 0

Every year we are inundated with predictions of the newest and best Internet marketing trends, and 2013 is no different. Yet, even with all […]

19 March 2013
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Yellow Pages to Interwebs — The Evolution of Search

19 March 2013, Comments: 0

Whatever happened to the Yellow Pages? You may still receive a copy in the mail once a year, or you may have filled out […]

8 March 2013
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Content Marketing 2013: Great Content Brainstorming Tools

8 March 2013, Comments: 0

With 2013, we expect to see even more people and businesses harnessing the power of content marketing. In fact, there is a good chance […]

5 March 2013
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Privately Funded/ Crowdsourced Creative Projects Today

5 March 2013, Comments: 0

Do you have a hot new idea for a video game or a movie? Have you created a comic but you don’t have the […]

27 December 2012
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Mouse Finds New Mate, Takes Over Get Web Wired

27 December 2012, Comments: 0

NEWS RELEASE For immediate release Fred Sexton Big Cheese 704-968-1775 Charlotte, NC Mouse Finds New Mate, Takes Over Get Web Wired Get Web Wired […]

5 December 2012
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How to Fix Your Screwed Up LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

5 December 2012, Comments: 0

Marketing your business or company on LinkedIn is an excellent way to build your brand, make connections with others in your field and even […]

29 November 2012
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Google’s 2012 SEO Review

29 November 2012, Comments: 2

2012 has been an interesting year for website SEO. If you’re a web design company, a business owner or an SEO service provider, it’s […]

12 November 2012
Comments: 14

Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy that Runs Itself

12 November 2012, Comments: 14

Too lazy (or too busy) to run your social media campaign and too poor to hire someone to do it for you? Fortunately, you’re […]

5 November 2012
Comments: 1

Why Your Customers Hit the Unlike Button

5 November 2012, Comments: 1

You’ve got fans! You want more fans. So why does it seem people keep “unliking” your page? Getting a lot of fans to your […]

19 October 2012
Comments: 5

Shake What Your Mama Gave You — 5 Content Marketing Strategies

19 October 2012, Comments: 5

Content marketing is making it big today. While the buzzword is new, the techniques are not. I’ve been doing content marketing for more than […]

8 October 2012
Comments: 18

Computer Part Art- Making the Old New Again

8 October 2012, Comments: 18

  One thing we know about computer technology is that it is growing at a rapid rate. It seems by the time you get […]

1 October 2012
Comments: 2

How Social Signals Improve Search Placement

1 October 2012, Comments: 2

Google recently announced that backlinks were less of a factor in search engine placement and then other search engines such as Bing followed suit, […]

24 September 2012
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Hello world!

24 September 2012, Comments: 1

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! Contact us today.

11 September 2012
Comments: 26

How to Get Your Client NOT to Google Themselves

11 September 2012, Comments: 26

We all have the one client- you know, the one who is constantly asking about their Google ranking. They obsess over this and are […]

23 August 2012
Comments: 21

5 Ways to Destroy Your Online Video Strategy

23 August 2012, Comments: 21

Video marketing is a fantastic way to boost your inbound marketing, create brand awareness and build a following of people who are interested in […]

13 August 2012
Comments: 3

4 Reasons Why Your SEO Link Building Ain’t Working

13 August 2012, Comments: 3

This is written as a more advanced post, ideally for people that are familiar with link building. If you are unfamiliar, read more about […]

19 July 2012
Comments: 2

A Day in the Life of a Mouse

19 July 2012, Comments: 2

Looking at the computer mouse, it is not hard to see how this piece of technology got its name given its small efficient movements […]

13 July 2012
Comments: 2

Removing the Mask of Search Engine Optimization

13 July 2012, Comments: 2

Search engine optimization is a technique in marketing that’s designed to help increase a website’s page ranking on search engines. It revolves around bringing […]

30 April 2012
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Gray Area Google-Fu

30 April 2012, Comments: 3

Some interesting stuff is shown here that you can do with the Google search box, from basic things like math to down right scary […]

27 April 2012
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Political SEO – The Next Big Thing In Political Campaign?

27 April 2012, Comments: 0

It is election time again in the US this coming November. So, are candidates well rounded enough with their online campaigns? Political parties and […]

17 April 2012
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The One Vital SEO Tip That No One Ever Tells You

17 April 2012, Comments: 0

In Douglas Adams’ classic science fiction novel, the words ‘DON’T PANIC’ are printed in very large letters on the front of ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide […]

15 March 2012
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Understanding Website Content – Google Panda Explanation

15 March 2012, Comments: 0

OK, so I know it’s important to get content on my site, but how much do I need? Do I just need more than […]

1 January 2012
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11 Online Questions for the New Babies of 2012

1 January 2012, Comments: 1

A new member of the Mouse & Man team has just arrived. Everyone meet Graham Everett Sexton. He arrived just in time to see […]

22 November 2011
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Is Your Web Form Underwater?

22 November 2011, Comments: 0

Not feeling important? Do you want more people to contact you? I think we all do. This presentation discusses some things to consider when […]

9 November 2011
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MC Hammer’s Search Engine | You Can’t Search This | WireDoo

9 November 2011, Comments: 0

My-my-my-my search engine sucks hard Makes me say, Oh my lord Why can’t I find what I need With a bit less clutter and […]

27 October 2011
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Playing Nicely: Facebook + Google Analytics

27 October 2011, Comments: 0

I read an amazing post about how to get Facebook and Google Analytics to talk with each other. Kind of blew me away the […]

10 October 2011
Comments: 2

Thinking Outside the Skinner Box

10 October 2011, Comments: 2

You know it’s happened to you. You were just going to check your email. It was only going to take a few minutes. Next […]

4 October 2011
Comments: 2

Startup Marketing Checklist

4 October 2011, Comments: 2

Just finished putting together a todo checklist for marketing a tech startup. Let me know what you think. I set this up as a […]

8 September 2011
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Bringing Whimsy to Tech Task

8 September 2011, Comments: 0

Our founder, Fred Sexton, was recently featured in the Charlotte Business Journal. When you talk to most Internet marketing companies, they’ll talk in jargon, […]

9 August 2011
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Understanding Conductor’s Preferred Landing Page (PLP) Management Tool

9 August 2011, Comments: 0

So, here is the original post from Conductor which sells a great Enterprise SEO platform. The idea by PLP management is to get the […]

2 August 2011
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Solve Media – Captcha 2.0

2 August 2011, Comments: 0

Don’t you hate entering in captchas? I really do. Looks like Solve Media is trying to solve this problem by changing the captcha into […]

25 July 2011
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Google Plus Review for Companies

25 July 2011, Comments: 0

Is anyone out there creating accounts for companies? Looks like Google is recommending that they will be releasing company accounts for soon […]

19 July 2011
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Can’t Get a Job? Try Adwords Targeting.

19 July 2011, Comments: 0

I’m following up on a blog post I did on my personal site ( titled Can’t get a job. Specifically, I wanted to follow […]

7 June 2011
Comments: 2

Writing Content for Social Media

7 June 2011, Comments: 2

Have you jumped on the bandwagon? If you have, you’ve witnessed the immense power of social media. So how do you harness social media […]

7 June 2011
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Swine Flu Marketing — Case Study

7 June 2011, Comments: 0

So, how do you market/spin the current hot news story, Swine Flu. First off, some may question the ethicalness of doing so… but any […]

7 June 2011
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Why I Love Twitter

7 June 2011, Comments: 0

So, I was walking back into my house last week after going to the grocery. I take the garage door opener with me just […]

7 June 2011
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The Google Killer…Wolfram Alpha?

7 June 2011, Comments: 0

I just posted a video about WolframAlpha. It’s a new kind of engine. It’s not a search engine like Google, Yahoo, or MSN which […]

7 June 2011
Comments: 2

The Eternal Question: Why am I here?… and how to get found.

7 June 2011, Comments: 2

So you have a great website, you update it frequently, and you are clever and targeted in your content choices. That’s great, but what […]

7 June 2011
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Content is King

7 June 2011, Comments: 0

I can’t remember if it was a college professor, or the guy with the “THE END IS NEAR” sandwich board who stands outside of […]

7 June 2011
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Get In MyFace

7 June 2011, Comments: 0

Unless you have been living under a rock…in a cave…on Mars…You have probably heard of the social media storm engulfing our modern world. Sites […]

7 June 2011
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10 Ways to Tell Your Website…uh… Needs Work

7 June 2011, Comments: 0

10) When you put your site’s name into Google, you have to click through to page 103 before you find your site. 9) Your […]

7 June 2011
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Website 101: Make it Memorable!

7 June 2011, Comments: 0

Ten years ago, when the World Wide Web was just a small e-village of geeks, nerds, and early adapters, it was possible to have […]

7 June 2011
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M&M Goes Green

7 June 2011, Comments: 0

Becoming Carbon Neutral Mouse & Man is now a carbon-neutral, green marketing company. This means we take steps to cancel our footprint as a […]

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